Pittsburgh Estate Law Spotlight: Caroyln Russ

Carolyn Russ, a founding member of our firm, has retired after practicing law for forty years. In 2007, thanks to encouragement from fellow attorney Nora Peace, she changed the thrust of her practice from employment discrimination and civil rights litigation to assisting individuals with their estate planning and elder law issues. Since then, there was never a day when she couldn’t wait to get to work, thanks to what she always described as meeting the nicest clients in the world.

Because of those wonderful clients, it took her three years to finally make the break, and even then, she knew she had to get far away to make the break stick. She and her husband have moved to Boise, Idaho, where her daughter lives. Carolyn loves the big blue skies, the flat terrain, and the opportunity to use her retirement to contribute to the betterment of life in Boise. Her favorite activity at the moment is being a reading partner for refugee children–a long way from drafting wills and trusts!

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