Nora Curley Peace


Mailing Address: 1501 Mount Royal Blvd., Pittsburgh PA 15116 (Glenshaw/Shaler Area)

Direct Dial: 412.487.3997 Direct Fax: 412.487.3525

Areas of Practice Concentration: Business Law, Real Estate,  Estate Planning, Estate and Trust Administration

Nora has over thirty five years experience in business startups and twenty five years of legal experience. Her experience includes start-up, mid-career development, exit strategies and business succession. Nora Peace is particularly focused on implementing business efficiencies while keeping an eye on compliance and regulatory requirements for her clients businesses. Nora Peace has more than 25 years of experience providing business law and estate planning needs to the her clients. In addition to her expertise in understanding small businesses she was fortunate enough to spend time in the Wealth Management field. She had a focused career in estate administration, wealth transfer, estate planning, charitable giving, and income tax planning. With this background she can help her clients keep their financial world organized and on track. Nora Peace has the unique combination of both, the expertise of a trusted legal and wealth advisor and on-the-ground experience of running numerous dental, commercial real estate, and contracting businesses. To see more about her work with the Dental Profession click here.